25th November 2007

We want to thank the team at Swim-In, especially Sam, he is always polite and a pleasure to deal with. It is the first time we have felt like we can trust someone to enter our property and clean our pool when we are not home. We are very happy to have found people we can trust. Thankyou

B, Garland. Kardynia

25th May 2008

Dear Lisa,
This is Customer service with a Capital "C" thankyou so much for all of your
help with this bacquicil issue; you have been very helpful and honest
About the supply to me and being able to obtain it in Melbourne off the Shelf. It is so unusual to find a person or business that is so willing to offer The kind of help or service that you Lisa and your company "Swim In" have Bothered to give me, if you're not the owner of Swim In I do hope they realise what a great asset you are to their business. Take Care.

Best regards

13th March 2009
THANKYOU. We just wanted to commend your company on your great service, we
ordered a pool pump Wed afternoon and it was with us by 8am on the Friday,
thats great considering we live in country WA.
Thank you very much
S, Bestwick. Quairading

8th September 2009
Hi Liz,
I just want to say thanks for your help today with information on the pool harness over the phone. It's so rare these days to find someone extremely helpful with a great attitude like yours. You took a lot of frustration out of my day as I couldn't seem to get any help from anyone else regarding this product. As advised due to your attitude alone I have purchased from your store instead of going to a local pool supplier and next time I require assistance I will know who to call! Good on you for having such a great attitude and such a happy disposition.

Have a great day

8th January 2010
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for exceptionally good service and very fast delivery of my order. I placed my order about lunch time on Tuesday and have just received delivery today, Friday Lunchtime, about 3 working days all up. Thanks to all involved in my order, I will defiantly be recommending your company to anyone I can.