Sunbeam Mixmaster

Join the Sunbeam Mixmaster revolution. As a kid I remember mum having a Sunbeam mixmaster. It lasted for years and we made plenty of cakes with it! In fact, I think she still has it after 30 years. Now Sunbeam has it's new Cafe Series, a Series of seriously stylish mixmasters that would stand proudly in any kitchen. So see what the buzz is about and why over 100,000 people are searching for Sunbeam products online in Australia every month.

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Sunbeam has been around for 100 years and the Sunbeam Mixmaster was part of their core range. Today they have introduced the Sunbeam Mixmaster Cafe Series. Shop online at Ideal Shop for the Sunbeam Mixmaster Cafe Series and get a bargain online. We deliver Sunbeam Mixmaster's Australia wide.

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