Silikomart Ice Cream Moulds

Get ready for some awesome icecream! Silikomarts new range of Ice Cream Moulds will have you licking the stick! Make your own fantastic creations with these stunning Ice Cream Moulds. Your kids will love you as well. When you add up the cost of buying Ice Creams, these Silikomart Ice Cream Moulds make sense, and oh the things you can do..... cookie crumble and nut coatings, gooey caramel insides, you can make your own Ice Cream creations that can't be found in any old store.

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Make heavenly Ice Cream creations with your own Silikomart Ice Cream Moulds. Kids love Ice Cream and as summer approaches, be ready with your own Ice Cream Moulds. Make frozen yogurt, juice or cordial for quick Icy Poles, or get more creative with some cookie ice cream sandwhiches.

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