Pasta Machines

If you have ever visited an italian kitchen, you will find that one of the great things about having a pasta machine and making your own noodles is that it can be such a family activity. Yes, the vast majority of the machines can be operated very easily by one person, but getting everyone in on the act is a great way to learn what goes into the preparation of one of our favourite foods and build connections with family and friends.

The enjoyment of creating your own pasta, fresh and delicate with hand made flavours is a pleasure that you have have with your own pasta machine. On the spur of the moment you can pasta meals that warm the cockels of your heart. Home pasta machines have settings or pasta attachments that allow you to make ravioli, fettucine, gnocchi, lasagne, penne—all the favourites!

For the romantic feel of the Old World, you can get pasta machines that are hand operated, or go with an electric pasta machine if you're pressed for time.

It's amazing how many of us have yet to experience the amazing homemade taste of such a popular food. We still continue to buy it hehyrdated and packed for who knows how long from our local supermarket when it is so easy to make fresh. Ideal Shop gives you the chance to make your own beautiful pasta. Time to start cooking!

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Endless possibilities await with your new pasta machine. Make your own fresh pasta like chefs do. Resturants never serve the dehydrated stuff, neither should you! Pasta is very easy to make, and when you make it yourself, you have the added benefit of knowing what is going into it. Fresh ravioli stuffed with fresh meat or spinach and ricotta, beautiful egg fettucine - it is all at your fingertips when you buy a pasta making machine from Ideal Shop. You won't be disappointed with the quality, we stock only quality pasta makers from leading manufacturers like Arcosteel, Baccarat, Marcarto and Advanti. Don't wait, buy your pasta machine today, you won't look back.

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