Inflatable Pools

Buy an Inflatable Pool in Australia

Summers in our sun-blessed country are famous for bringing with them scorching days. If you’ve experienced an Aussie summer before, you know that:

  • A seatbelt buckle essentially becomes a cattle-brand
  • The soles of your shoes can melt to the pavement
  • There is a special dance when walking barefoot outside
  • Fans do nothing but circulate hot air

Cool off this summer with your very own blow up pool. Ideal Shop stocks them in all sizes and shapes. We have them for kids, the baby variety and every other type for children and adults. If you want to buy inflatable pools in Australia, browse our extensive range now and find the perfect version for your home. What better way to get through the summer than relaxing in one of these and watching the cricket?!

Quick and incredibly easy to set up – blow up and enjoy!

A blow up pool presents an affordable alternative to the permanent backyard version and can be quickly inflated and installed as a temporary solution for kids to enjoy during those sizzling summer days. It is one of the best water toys and allows children to get relief from the scorching sun during the hot season. With so many styles and features to choose from, as well as sizes that will fit kids, toddlers and infants, they are a great investment in backyard summer fun.

Multiple products available for your pool

Our items available don’t just stop here; we have a huge variety of equipment and tools to ensure your swimming fun isn’t spoiled by tainted water or dirt and foliage that’s made its way in. We can supply you with accessories like skimmers and cleaners that’ll bring your pool back to life.

Call us for more information

If you have any questions you’d like answered about our inflatables, contact us today on (08) 9497 4414. As we offer shipping nation-wide, wherever you are in Australia we can deliver to you. Make sure you take a look through our store online today – you’re certain to find what you need.

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