Food Savers

If you find yourself throwing out food way too often then you need a food saver! When you have to throw out a whole block of cheese because the glad wrap slipped, yep, you need a food saver! The guenius behind a food saver is that it stores your food without any air, so it stays fresher much longer, and as a bonus your food takes up less space in the fridge without all those additional storage containers.

Don't you just get sick of trying to find lids for your storage containers anyway? With the food saver all of that is in the past, and that half avacado that always gets thrown away, will finally live to see another day!

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If you are looking for a vacuum food saver, we have them! Vacuum Sealer Food Savers are becoming an essential household item. Used by the navy and other armed services to store precooked food - vacuum sealed food takes up less room and tastes just as good as fresh when reheated. Buy your Food Saver Vacuum Sealer at Ideal Shop online, we deliver Australia wide. Read reviews about our food savers vacuum sealers from customers like yourself.

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