Bean Bags

Bean Bags Australia. When winter hits its time to snuggle up in a bean bag by the fire and watch your favourite videos. Bean bags are comfy, easy to store away when not in use, and great for kids when you have a shortage of couch seating space.

Ahh yes, the bean bag, the quintessential piece of lounging furniture that reigned king in the 1970's the decade when the bean bag chair that we have come to know and love became available to the masses.  Reinvented several times over the last 40 years, one thing is clear, the bean bag is here to stay!

It' true to say, the bean bag has to be the laziest, most relaxing piece of furniture, designed for lounging in front of the TV or playing video games on or just to kick back with a book and relax.
The bean bag chair is a simple but classic furniture design prototype - it requires no setup or assembly. The bean bag is also one of the most personalized and individualistic pieces of furniture around.

Bean Bags of Today

Bean bag chairs of all shapes and sizes started making their way into the marketplace in the 1990's and bean bag furniture such as bean bag sofas, recliners, and more made their debut.  The advent of outdoor beanbags brought the comfort of inside and made it an outdoors luxury.  With the current trend towards outdoor living, outdoor beanbags are coming into their own.  Outdoor Beanbags are made from a heavy duty canvas with a waterproof backing, they come in a variety of colours and a huge range of styles. 

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