Beach Toys

When summer hits, it's time to hit the beach. What better fun can you have at the beach than with beach toys? Ideal Shop stock a range of popular beach toys including Wahu Beach Toys, bodyboards and beach balls. We also stock practical stuff like sunshades, beach tents, towels and comfy seats and lounges to relax on the sand.


Remember the heady days of creating sandcastles on the shore, castles of pure imagination and childish bliss?  Our sand creations were only limited by our imagination and the tools we had available.  A shovel here, a sand bucket there, the basic beach toys to create a masterpiece.

Aussies Love their Beach Toys

Times have changed and beach toys have come a long way.  With the advent of Australian companies like Wahu and Britz n Pieces a new generation of fun beach toys awaits a new generation of young Australians.

So there is really no excuse not to have a game of beach cricket, footy or volleyball tucked away into the back of of your car for your next trip to the beach.  In fact some would say it's un-Australian! 

Buy Beach Toys from Ideal Shop

Play, relax and lounge. Make a day of it at the beach! With our Beach toys, sunshade and beach tents you can have a fun day at the beach without the worry of sunburn and wind. The beach is way more fun with Ideal Shop. Shop online with Ideal Shop for all your beach toys and beach supplies.

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