Baby Pools

Baby Pools There is nothing nicer for a baby when the weather is stinking hot to splash and cool off in their very own pool. Baby Pools are an excellent way to cool baby off, they are portable, can be set up just about anywhere - under the shade of your patio or on grass under a tree, and baby pools are quick to set up and when finished, deflate and store away. Developmentally wise, splashing around in the cool water of a baby pool is great stimulation for their senses, and oh so much fun!

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Baby pools are ideal for toddlers because they allow you to control how much water is placed in the pool. You may just need enough water in the baby pool for the baby to splash or slide around in the pool. The best way to keep the water in a baby pool sanitised is to fill the baby pool whenever you are ready to use it, and empty the baby pool as soon as you are finished. You can wipe out the baby pool with a vinegar and water solution and dry.

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