Air Beds

Whether you are going camping or sleeping over, Ideal Shop is the place to buy air beds and sleeping bags. Ideal Shop is the place to shop for Intex and Bestway air beds.


Unexpected guests?  No worries, pull out the trusty airbed.  Air mattresses and air beds are fantastic for getting a good night's rest ready for the next day's adventures. Quick trip away to visit family or take the kids camping, throw in some airbeds to make it a comfortable trip.  As air mattress and air beds pack down small they are perfect for giving the entire family a comfortable night's sleep.  Lightweight, portable and comfortable airbeds have come a long way!

Choosing The Right Airbed 

There are many options to consider when choosing an airbed, try a raised airbed to create an added level of comfort for guests or when camping.  Even better, select an airbed with an inbuilt air pump, simply plug it into the wall and watch it inflate. No more foot pumps or endless blowing into the mattress. In just a few moments, you can have the bed fully inflated.

Available in many different sizes including single, double and queen air beds have become a great bedding solution for both weekend getaways and extended trips.  An air matress with a velour top and vinyl bottom air mattress will provide a good night sleep for any camper.  Thanks to technology advancements, some air beds also come with a leak free guarantee!

Have a restless partner?  No problem, a dual chamber airbed will allow for less movement from a partner when tossing and turning. 

There are a couple of tricks to setting air beds up for a comfortable night. Once you have inflated the mattress allow it to sit for a while and then reinflate it as the material will stretch once it is fist inflated.

Air beds and air mattresses make great additions to other sleeping options including sleeping bags, swags and stretchers. So go ahead, sleep easy on an air bed!

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